Our firm represents clients in all types of family law matters, including but not limited to: divorce, separation, annulment, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, division of property, settlement agreements, domestic violence and restraining orders, and paternity action.

“Paris has been the best: After months of trying to handle my child support, divorce, domestic violence case on my own which was very confusing and frustrating, I was given Paris's number by her former client. They told me she was excellent, a fighter but very caring. She has been all of that and more. We have made great progress in just a couple months; I was so lost on my own. Paris is not only a "tiger" she is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She has been a rock for me to lean on during this very emotional case. I would recommend Paris; she knows the court system and will fight for her clients!

Julie, a Domestic Violence client

"The Type of Attorney You Always Wished You Could Find: I recommend Paris Kalor; she handled my Child Support matter. I have previously worked with 7 lawyers. I cannot say enough good things about Paris Kalor. I borrowed money to hire an attorney to see if I could get back child support. Paris was recommended by my parents' estate attorney who called her a "tiger". She's more like a mama tiger; caring toward her clients, and willing to fight hard when necessary. I felt very secure as she handled my case, keeping me apprised every step of the way. Normally one doesn't think of "ethical' and "lawyer" in the same sentence, let alone the same person, but Paris is both. She is fair in her costs and doesn't bill for every minute she thinks about your case. And think she does. She knows the law and uses it effectively to strategize and maximize your results. I am so very thankful that I found Paris -- she achieved a better result for me than I could have even hoped for. I will be receiving all back child support PLUS my attorney fees covered. Amazing. . ."
Lori M.

"Paris Kalor is a lawyer with a heart! I recommend Paris Kalor: she handled my Child Custody matter. I have previously worked with 1 lawyer. After reaching out to numerous lawyers Paris was the only one who reached back! Paris not only offered me her law expertise and services, but she also was there as an understanding and compassionate human being. Paris was always available for guidance and advice. With Paris by my side I finally felt confident when walking into court. I will forever be indebted to Ms. Paris Kalor..."
Melissa P.

"She did help us tremendously: Paris Kalor handled my Child Custody matter. I have previously worked with 2 lawyers. Paris is a one of a kind attorney, and person. I am so grateful that we had come across her services on Avvo.com. After wasting precious time and money with a previous attorneys, she was able take over our case and eventually helped us win full custody of my children!"
Ken P.

"Paris is a GREAT Family Law Attorney! I recommend Paris: she handled my Divorce case. I have previously worked with 1 lawyer. Paris was able to turn my situation completely around and gave my husband and his bully of an attorney an outcome that is still burning them up... They never saw her coming! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Paris you are the BEST!"
Betty M.

"Paris was amazing! Finally someone who cares: Paris went above and beyond in helping me with my case. After having dealt with two other attorneys who charged me for every little thing, I finally heard about Paris from one of my friends. Without getting into all the messy details, I had paid a lot of money to my past attorneys with no results and many problems. Paris fought for my rights as a parent, and I am more than satisfied with the results. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney who actually knows what they're doing and cares about their clients."
Lisa K.

"Best Family Law Attorney: Paris was caring, knowledgeable, and aggressive in handling my divorce case. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants the best results."
Mike K.

“I definitely recommend Paris Kalor: My wife and I did not want to fight and have a prolonged divorce so I contacted Paris after I read her approach to divorce on her website. Paris handled all of our issues and prepared all of our paperwork including our settlement agreement and finalized our divorce with no hassles. Her fee was very reasonable compared to other attorneys that I had contacted, before I found Paris Kalor on the internet.”
Richard P.

“Paris Kalor saved my career: My ex-wife while we were married falsely accused of domestic violence. My parents found Ms. Kalor in the yellow pages and after talking to her we decided to hire her. She not only got the domestic violence charges thrown out, the court also
ordered my ex-wife to pay for my attorney fees. Had I been convicted of domestic violence, I could have lost my job. After that she quickly settled all the issues with my ex-wife’s attorney and finalized the divorce. I am very happy with what she did for me and I definitely recommend her.”
Philip L.

“I caught my husband cheating on me and I hired Paris Kalor to file for divorce. She was highly recommended by a friend of mine. My ex-husband owned a business and tried to shortchange me by telling the court that his business was not worth much and he did not make enough money to pay for any spousal support. Paris hired an accountant and after evaluation of the business and his income, I got nearly half a million dollars for my share and almost $4000 a month in child and spousal support. I was very worried about my future as I was a stay at home mom and had not worked in over 20 years. With the settlement and support Paris got me, I no longer worry about my financial future.
Barbara E.

“My previous attorney really made a mess out of my case by preparing the settlement agreement in a way that my ex-husband filed for bankruptcy and included me as a creditor and asking to discharge my share of the family business. One of my relatives who knew Paris recommended her and I hired her although I had no hope of recovering any money. Paris was tenacious and aggressive and went after my ex-husband and reviewed every single bankruptcy document and found many false claims and statements. She contacted and met with the bankruptcy trustee and presented her evidence and the result was that my ex-husband agreed to pay me in full if I agreed to dismiss my claim which I did and got two large cashier checks from him.”
Minoo M.

“Paris was always there for me and returned my phone calls personally: (Bold) When I was served with the divorce papers, I was devastated. I could not believe that my 14 year marriage had come to an end. I hired an attorney but I was not happy with his very dry and impersonal communication with me, and I was shocked when I received his first bill where he had charged me for 10 minutes for a two minute phone call. A co-worker of mine who was a former client of Paris, recommended her and I am glad I switched attorneys. She understood my emotional situation and treated me like a human being. Paris took a personal interest in me and my situation so I didn’t feel like the world was coming to an end. She got the best settlement for me and she did not nickel and dime me over every phone call I made to her!” Tammy B. “Paris gave me great advice and protected my interest! (Bold) I wanted to get a divorce, but when Paris learned about the specifics of my situation, she advised me to have my marriage annulled rather than get a divorce. This worked much better for me since I had purchased many expensive artworks which I had to split with my ex if I had gone the divorce route. Paris was successful in getting my marriage annulled and I got to keep my beautiful statues and paintings. I definitely recommend her to anyone.”
J. C.

“My then wife ran away with her lover and I wanted to divorce her but did not even know where she was to let her know that I wanted to divorce her. My buddy recommended Paris and after telling her about my situation and considering her advice, I felt confident to hire her. Paris filed for divorce and served my wife by newspaper and finished my divorce process in a short time.”

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